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With shock and sadness Guitarra Magazine reports that Thomas Humphrey, guitar maker, died Wednesday April 16th, 2008.

Article by Jim Sherry

I first met Tom Humphrey about 35 years ago. He came to our 63rd St. shop to buy luthier supplies. I was impressed by his spirited and aggressive personality.

A few years later I saw one of his guitars, it was traditional in design, fine in sound and appearance. Over the years his guitars improved in clarity and projection.

As time went by I knew Tom Humphrey would be a luthier to be remembered.

The following is an excerpt from the New York Times article dated April 18, 2008:

Thomas Humphrey, an American luthier whose innovative designs and building techniques helped increase the volume, sustaining power and projection of the soft-spoken classical guitar, and whose instruments were played by many renowned concert guitarists, died on Wednesday at his home in Gardiner, N.Y. He was 59.

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