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"How to Make a Million Dollars Playing the Guitar" is a book by true guitar great Douglas Neidt. Douglas Neidt is a longtime friend of Antigua Casa Sherry-Brener, and so we're happy to tell you more about this book.

Written in 2009, "How to Make a Million Dollars Playing the Guitar" is a must for aspiring musicians who genuinely want to make a living doing what they love the most. Just so you know, the book is not only for guitarists - it's for anyone who wants to be a professional musician, whatever their axe.

In a clear style, Douglas identifies the challenges that lie ahead and describes what you will need to face them. Here's a paragraph from the introduction, where Douglas describes how to get the most out of the book:

English author George Bernard Shaw once remarked, "If you teach a man anything, he will never learn." Shaw is completely correct. Learning is an interactive process. We learn by doing. Apply the information in this book to your own life and career at every opportunity. Otherwise, you will forget most of the principles, ideas, and thought processes. Only knowledge you use will stick with you.

Ready to learn more? Click this link to get your own copy of How to Make a Million Dollars Playing the Guitar.

If you'd like to learn more about Douglas Neidt, here's a link to his website: Douglas Neidt, Guitarist

Finally, to get you in the mood for music, here's a clip of Douglas doing what he loves best:

And here's a link to Douglas's YouTube Channel, where he offers advice and lessons on playing guitar: DouglasNeidtGuitar

Thanks, Douglas, for all that you do!