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New cd release on AULIA record label

Renowned Greek classical guitarist Eva Fampas has just released her new cd on the Italian classical label AULIA. The whole cd is dedicated to the music of the composer Dimitri Fampas, artist's father, who is recognised as the most important Greek guitarist, composer and professor of the 20th century and one of the most acclaimed artists internationally.

Dimitris Fampas (1922-96), maybe best known as a composer for his wonderful Greek dances is being presented here with a very interesting collection of his works for solo guitar : Greek Dances Sousta Vlacha Karaguna, Concert Studies and Preludes, Greek Suite, Suite in an old style, Poem, Fairy-tale, Fantastic Dance, The Segovia's Portrait. His music very lyrical, virtuosic, passionate with strong melodic themes and vivid rhythms, enriched with lots of influences by Greek traditional elements and colours, expresses his great talent and originality as a composer, his dedication to the guitar and his love to his country. Among the editors of his music: RICORDI (Milano & Sao Paolo), COLUMBIA (USA), MAX ESCHIG (Paris), LATHKILL music publishers (UK), P.NAKAS, K.PAPAGRIGORIOU-H.NAKAS, M.NIKOLAIDIS (GR).

This is the 4th recording for the virtuoso guitarist Eva Fampas, who being praised by both the audiences and the press for her great musical personality, excellent technique, deep musicality, passion and Greek temperament, enjoys a wonderful international career with concerts, recordings and other artistic activities all over the world, editions and premieres of new works, including the Chinese-contemporary FOR EVA guitar concerto by Yiu-kwong Chung, awards and distinctions.

Eva was born in Athens into a musical family and started playing the guitar at a very early age under the instruction of her father D. Fampas. She has performed extensively in Greece, Bulgaria, India, Brazil, Sweden, Zimbabwe, Italy, Thailand, Russia, Belarus, Albania, Serbia, Nepal, Poland, former Yugoslavia and USSR, Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, in famous festivals, cultural centres and concert halls , in Radio and TV programmes around the globe. Eva signed with AULIA-SIMT for the production of this cd after the great success of her recital in the wonderful Marrucino Theatre in Chieti (Italy)!.

The Italian classical label AULIA collaborates with Eva Fampas to produce this cd of unique interest and great music and shares the goals of creating wonderful recordings with exceptional interpretations by very talented artists of some neglected masterpieces of the classical repertoire, to transmit the music, culture and knowledge of this heritage to future generations.

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