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Eddy & the Esoteriks have created a brilliant album of short and long tunes with a multitude of instruments:

Guitar: Ed Eastridge, William Ghezzi, Adam Larrabe, Draa Hobbs, Pablo Fanque
Cello: Linda Galvan
Accordion: Gerry Grimo
Flute: Hilary Owen
Harmonica: Johnny Bishop
Vocalist: Laurie Janney
Oboe: Anne Greenwalt
Viola: Claude Richter
Violin: Julie Baker
Mandolin / Banjo: Adam Larrabe

The songs on this album are derived from composer Erik Satie's work, and the album is entitled "House with Four Chimneys". This title is a deliberate homage to the master Satie, as described by Ed Eastridge below:

Satie sought refuge from the world in his dingy apartment at the "House with Four Chimneys" in Arcueil for over 27 years. He never allowed anyone to enter the rooms and it was not until after his death that they were discovered to be so desolate. Darius Milhaud recalled entering the rooms after Satie's death:

It was with a feeling akin to awe that we approached it now. What a shock we had on opening the door! It seemed impossible that Satie had lived in such poverty. This man, whose faultlessly clean and correct dress made him look rather like a model civil servant, had literally nothing worth a shilling to his name.

Satie lived in self-imposed poverty. As his brother Conrad noted, How many people cultivate the arts only so as to get their hands on worldly goods and satisfy their vanity? Satie, on the other hand prefers to follow his thoughts in poverty rather than live with out them in a state of material satisfaction; his works are made single-mindedly for the sake of art.

Though Satie created much of his art in his mind, often spending years to formulate his pieces, he would ultimately set them to paper in his unique style (without bar lines and accompanied by his quirky instructions to be read only by the performer). Apparently he did much of this writing in rooms in Arcueil.

And it was for this reason that Mr. Eastridge's homage to the master of Arcueil was entitled the "House with Four Chimneys" "as a testament that something so lovely could germinate in such a lowly place."

And lovely this set of 31 recordings is, creating a work sure to appeal greatly to both classical music fans and guitar aficionados alike. Much talent went into the making and recording of this CD, and we at Guitarra Magazine urge you to do yourself and / or your friends a favor and purchase this fantastic album.

This work is available at, CD Baby, Amazon, and Itunes.