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A Man of Impeccable Moral Aptitude

The guitar great Andres Segovia once pronounced James Sherry, owner of Antigua Casa Sherry-Brener, "A Man of Impeccable Moral Aptitude". This statement was proven true once again when an attempt was made to sell an ill-gotten violin at his music store on 226 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago IL.

A violin had been stolen from Lori Ashikawa, an accomplished violinist who has contributed to such albums as "At Long Last by Tony Andriacchi, and "Christmasville" by Mannheim Steamroller.

The violin in question was reported by the Chicago Tribune to have been worth at least $100,000.

Some days later, a "well-dressed man" came into Mr. Sherry's store and attempted to sell this same violin for $500. Mr. Sherry, however, had previously been made aware of the theft by the quick-thinking Ms. Ashikawa, who had called a number of Chicago-area music stores. Mr. Sherry convinced the man to lower the selling price to $150.

Ms. Ashikawa was contacted, and proved her ownership through photos.

The thief is still at large, and the case is still under investigation. Please see the Chicago Tribune article for additional details.