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Andrew Zohn is better than coffee. One's ears delight and one's mind is energized by his sophisticated and light touch.

Articulation and rhythmic excellence are not necessarily the order of the day when one deals with guitarists raised on a heavy diet of rubato and cheese. Zohn's playing exuberantly toys with the rhythm through a combination of articulation and subtle shadings of rhtyhm.

His reading of the Hommage a Debussy by de Falla is fresh, if one considers that he's one of the first players in history to actually play what is written. His grasp of the Habanera's characteristic steps has the same rhtyhmic sensitivity as a Leonhardt reading of a Bach courante.

Zohn also performs three new transcription of sonatas by Domenico Cimarosa. The pieces work, and whatsmore, they work well. The sonatas find a champion in Zohn who plays them with the a rhythmic intensity usually associated with Assad recordings of Scarlatti.

The CD concludes with arrangements of Gershwin and Porter transcribed by Zohn. Again, every guitarist should woodshed this recording if only to imitate his rhythmic vitality. Purists may question their inclusion on the recording. But, purists are usually boring people who don't have much fun.

So, open your ears and listen to this guitarist and learn a thing or two about how to swing everything from Cimarosa and Vivaldi to Gershwin and Porter.