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First International Ten-String Guitar Festival
Litchfield, Connecticut, July 7-10, 2005

Janet Marlow, Founder and Director of the First International Ten-String Guitar Festival announces a four day festival event from July 7- 10, 2005 bringing ten-string guitarists from around the world to Litchfield, Connecticut. The Festival is being held at the White Memorial Conference Center. Ten-String Guitarists from South Africa, Canada, Japan, South America, Europe and the Unites States will be attending master classes, workshops, panel discussions and participating in two major evening concerts open to the public. All levels of players and guitar enthusiasts of all ages are welcome to participate or observe workshops.

The festival is a focus on the evolution of the modern ten-string guitar which began with it's innovation by Maestro Narciso Yepes in a 1964 performance of Rodrigo's Concerto de Aranjuez performed with the Berlin Philharmonic. Since then, the world of multi-string guitars has become an interest of player's world- wide. There are six reasons for the evolutionary development of the 10-string guitar. The First Reason- adding four extra bass strings provides necessary sympathetic resonance which evolves the physical acoustics of the guitar. A Second Reason- lute music of the Renaissance and Baroque eras conceived on 14 strings or more can be further transcribed; J.S. Bach and S.L.Weiss. A Third Reason- greater sustain occurs for more sound projection A Fourth Reason- for new compositions, the composer and player have new and expanded possibilities. The Fifth Reason- *all six string guitar repertoire can be played on a ten string guitar. The Sixth Reason- The ten-string is a threshold for expanded improvisation.

The director of the festival, Janet Marlow, is an internationally acclaimed 10-string guitarist and composer. She is also the founder of the First International Ten-String Guitar Society and author of the book/DVD, Playing The Ten-String Guitar: An Approach Guide for Guitarists, (Mel Bay Publications)