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Randall Avers
Randall Avers was born in 1974. He began playing guitar at age six and at 13, gave his first solo recital at the University of Akron’s Gazzetta Hall. Four years later, Avers placed second in the Guitar Foundation of America International Competition becoming the youngest finalist in the competition’s history. He won several additional awards in international competitions ranging from the Yamaha Music Competition to the Concours Internationale de Guitare Rene Bartoli. Academic awards include the Theodore Presser Award and the Harriet Hale Woolley Scholarship.
Alan Rinehart
Alan Rinehart has made many contributions to the guitar world as a performer, teacher, and music editor. Completing studies at Western Michigan University and a Professional Music Training Diploma from Vancouver Community College, he studied lute repertoire and technique in London, England at the Early Music Centre with Anthony Rooley, Jakob Lindberg, and Emma Kirkby. His study of historical performance practices led to the ability to play the lute with a softer 'no nail' sound and the guitar with a standard concert guitar technique.

Gonzalo Andres Molano
"He played with precision, but more importantly with a sense of style and a genuine musical presence." were the words of Chicago Symphony Orchestra's President, Henry Fogel, after hearing Gonzalo Andrés performing in Northbrook, Illinois.
Andreas Kapsalis
Andreas Kapsalis, born to first generation Greek parents, grew up in a musical family in the suburbs of Chicago. His mother had countless Greek records that influenced Andreas from his earliest memories. His father, a violinist, taught him classical music which instilled fundamentals and discipline to lead him along his musical journey. Extended family enriched Andreas' youth with poetry, painting, sculpture, as well as, respect and love for all artistic mediums.
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