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The Complete works of Henrik Rung (1807-1871)
Edited by Jens Bang-Rasmussen
A new edition available from Tecla

Henrik Rung's complete works represent some of the finest music written for the guitar in the nineteenth century Nordic tradition.

The music of Henrik Rung is very comprehensive music with a deep musical substance.

His writing cover a level from beginners to the very advanced players.

His solo works reminds of the writing of Fernando Sor. His chamber music written for his children's musical training has all the different rich innovative instrumental combinations a guitar teacher could dream of. Guitar duets, guitar trios, guitar and mandolin, guitar and strings, two guitars and strings, three guitars and violin.

Henrik Rung's complete work's is essential to the guitar world in the sense that it is the only existing chamber music school for guitar from the nineteenth century.

Henrik Rung was one of the founders of a specific Nordic tradition. His songs ,operas, chamber music, solo works makes Hernik Rung a great nineteenth century guitar composer.

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