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Antonio Machado, the Castillan rather than the Andalusian, Antonio Machado,...resignation, sweetness, poetry lives in his life and in himself. And when Antonio Machado sings the sadness of the cante jondo, he will speak thus of the guitar:

"en la guitarra, resonante y trémula,
la brusca mano, al golpear, fingia
el reposar de un ataud en tierra."

"And on the guitar, resonant and trembling,
the rough hand, upon striking, feighed
the resting of a coffin in the ground."

With that one recalls "this small and infinite coffin of Andalusian suffering," which is the guitar according to the saying of Joaquin Romero Murcia

The Malagan Jose Moreno Villa does not hang the guitar on a nail when finished playing, but rather:

"Aqui te pongo, guitarra,
en el fondo de las aguas
marinas, cerca de un ancla. Qué más da
si aqui no vas a soñar?"

"Here I put you, guitar,
in the bottom of the sea waters,
bear an anchor.
What more gives
if you do not play here?

Whilst Juan Pareja Obregón curses it after grief:

"Que Se calle esa guitarra!
y que no siga la juerga..."

"Silence that guitar!
and stop the spree..."

Manuel Machado, more sensual than his brother Antonio and typically Andalusian, tells us:

"A la sombra fresca de la vieja parra,
un moreno rasguea la guitarra...
Algo que acancia y algo que desgarra."

"To the cool shadow of the old grapevine
a dark man strums the guitar...
something caresses and something rends."

And for Gerardo Diego; "There will be a silence, a green silence/all made of guitars with their tresses flying loose." The same poet, in his Oda a Belmonte, will tell us:

"Mas qué de nuevo tañe
el trémulo secreto
de tu guitarra oh Betis! bien templada?"

"But who will play again
the secret tremelo
of your guitar, oh Betis! well-tempered?"

And in France was a poet, Handelaire, who contributed some of his famous verses during the Second Empire, to extend among the French, the taste for guitar music.