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Note: This is a Guitar duet with an improvisatory solo section; a suggested solo will be added later. Goran Ivanovic and Flip Mitrovic perform the recording of the piece. Please click the links below to download the score and the sound file.

Filip Mitrovic is a composer and guitarist, born in 1979 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. He holds a Music Composition degree from Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University.

Mitrovic is a First Prize Winner of 2002 La Rock Composition Competition and a Second Prize Winner of 2003 UK International Songwriting Competition.

He received Best Soundtrack Award at FAMU (Film Academy of Prague) Annual Film Festival in 2004 for motion picture Sťance Fiction. He has also composed music for several short movies.

He also performed live or had his music played back in numerous TV and Radio broadcasts in Yugoslavia, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and U.S.

Currently, Mitrovic is a staff producer/composer at Rosehip Records Inc. in Chicago.


1999 Crossroads
2000 The One Who's Not Flying is Worth Nothing
2002 Out of the Perambulator
2003 Sťance Fiction