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Aaron Shearer: A Life With The Guitar

new documentary on Aaron Shearer?s extraordinary life and contribution to the classic guitar is now available on DVD from Michael Lawrence Films:

The hour documentary was filmed last summer at Manuel Barrueco?s summer guitar master class where Aaron Shearer was an honored guest. Mr.Shearer?s life and work unfolds while his former student Manuel Barrueco coaches talented students from around the world. In a private recital for the class, Maestro Barrueco performs Scarlatti, Nazareth and Rodrigo.

On-camera appearances include David Tanenbaum, David Starobin, Julian Grey, Ray Chester and Franco Platino.

Images and quotes from the production can be seen at the filmmaker?s web site. Prior to a lifetime of making documentaries, Mr. Lawrence studied with Aaron Shearer and was a member of the first graduating guitar class at the Peabody Conservatory of Music.