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What a refreshing recording. New compositions by Salvador Brotons, Barbara Kolb and Kamran Ince are the backbone Lily Afshar's newest recording POSSESSION. Either composed for her or transcribed by her, these premieres show Ms. Afshar at her best. Whether giving a driving performance of Broton's Scherzo, which opens the CD and reminds one of Ginastera's Scherzo, or a nuanced reading of the miniature Broken Slurs, Ms. Afshar does a wonderful job of evincing the best qualities of these pieces.

Kamran Ince's MKG Variations, though, are a revelation. Imagine you are walking down the street and someone is walking towards you. They look normal enough, but as they pass you, they leap at you, grab you by the collar and shake you. They let you go, circle around you and grab you again, shaking you. That is what this piece does. It starts quietly with a pseudo-tonal/modal language, but after a few phrases, Ms. Afshar attacks her guitar creating an explosion of sound that quickly disappears into the quiet again, only to erupt intermittently throughout the piece. This performance and this piece alone are reason to own this CD.

The recording also includes compositions by Dusan Bogdanovic (including the truly original and beautiful Introduction Passacaglia and Fugue for the Golden Flower), Leo Brouwer (three of his lighter, more accessible pieces) and Gismonti (the dusky Agua e Vinho). She takes no prisoners with this recording, often overplaying passages. But this can be forgiven for the music is evocative and the performances passionate.

Bravo, Ms. Afshar.