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An online Guitar Publication
In 1999, Guitarra Magazine was first launched as a modest website with a collection of articles on the classical guitar. Due to the enthusiasm and energy of several individuals, the site has grown into a huge resource for guitarists, covering topics ranging from guitar history to technique to famous guitarists. Now, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive resource which has content and features which meet guitarists’ needs. We hope you enjoy the articles, mp3's, sheet music, and reviews which we have to offer.

Our engine of growth is our readers. If you have any ideas for website features or topics not covered, please contact us. Also, if you have articles to publish or events to promote, contact us. Click here to contact us.

We are currently planning on adding a discussion forum, a sales site for related products, and more profiles of guitarists and their recordings.

We thank our readers and contributors for their support and hope this project keeps growing and brings more guitar fans together. Please enjoy your visit.

Guitarra Magazine